The diploma we present will allow students to enter the world of professional hospitality, where personalized attention to the client will be the determining factor. The objective pursued for our students is to expand knowledge of hospitality and first class hotel service.

In addition, we will delve into the most recent food and beverage management techniques, especially in the management of raw materials supply, stock control and shrinkage and decoration, buffets assembly, letter making and gastronomic offerings.

• Course: January 8th, 2017 through April 15th, 2018

• Hours: Monday through Friday, on a split schedule.

• Participants: 12 students required to start each course.

• Total hours of the course: 300 hours of training and 800 of practices.

• REGISTRATION: including a complete room service and hospitality equipment Management

• Accommodation in the Cullera Holiday hotel for the duration of the course, 188 days.

• COURSE 700 hours: Teaching materials and face-to-face classes

  • School insurance. The Food Manipulator Card.

  • Management of external practices

Course Structure

PERIOD 1: 300 hours of face-to-face training in the facilities of the International Culinary Hospitality Management - CULLERA

MODULE 1: Direction and Management of Hotel establishments - 50 hours 

MODULE 2: Leadership of Collectivity and Catering companies - 50 hours 

MODULE 3: Direction of Events and Congress - 50 hours 

MODULE 4: Administration of Eco-Tourism and Rural Tourism activities - 50 hours 

MODULE 5: Specific content

  •  Commodity management of Raw Materials - 50 hours

  •  Management and Marketing Strategies - 50 hours


MODULE 6: Spanish Language for Customer Service - 240 hours


Internship (Mandatory)

 As one of the most important parts of your education, the school offers two kind of internships- Silver and Golden:

  • Silver internship: Located in one of the big cities in Spain, luxury hotels that offer gratification (some hotels do not offer gratification, depending on your professional profile), but accommodation is not provided;
  • Golden internship: Located in the most famous touristic cities, hotels that offer gratification and free accommodation.

The duration is between 4 and 5 months : approximately 800 hours of professional training (depending on the hotel) in areas of recognized prestige,  Hotels and Resorts of the entire Mediterranean coast, Canary Islands or Balearic Islands. The working schedule is roughly 40 working hours per week and 2 free days per week. You will receive an internship depending on your practical skills, language skills and your CV.

Areas of knowledge to be developed during your education:

Area 1: Strategic and operational direction - Students will learn to analyze the competitive environment of the business, establishing the mission, vision and objectives, conducting a SWOT analysis to implement an action plan that will serve to achieve the established objectives.

Area 2: Cost control - Students will learn how to apply the techniques and corrective measures necessary to achieve greater profitability and a better optimization of expenses and investments, throughout the  business management processes.

Area 3: Economy - The students will learn to analyze the balance sheets, operating accounts and strategic ratios of the catering sector for the optimal management of catering establishments, through the latest management tools

Area 4: Marketing and Digital Strategies - Students will learn how to develop and implement strategies and effective marketing campaigns in offline and online environments: online reputation, opinion web platforms, social networks and Google environment for hospitality.

Area 5: Human Resources - Students will learn to promote the development of managerial and HR skills, skills assessment, optimization of spending and savings, as well as applying negotiation techniques and time organization guidelines.

Development of the Final Project

The student, accompanied at all times by a personal tutor, must demonstrate the learning achieved in the different areas with the realization of a project, where he will present that he knows how to plan and design business management policies in the catering sector, in line with the Strategic needs of the business chosen to develop the project.

Work System

  •  Face-to-face sessions based on the experiences of teachers and discussion of practical exercises through the Case Method.

  •  Practical and applied tasks to the business on the 5 areas of knowledge, which will be evaluated by the area tutor.

  •  Thematic Workshops, organized by the Reflection-Action Method, in which professionals of recognized prestige of the sector will participate.

  •  Work visits to emblematic restaurants to know their organization and management system.

The objectives of this Diploma are:

  •  Specialize in the management of catering establishments, hotel and F & B.

  •  Apply techniques and corrective measures to achieve greater profitability and better optimization of expenses and investments.

  •  Analyze the balance sheets and operating accounts of the restaurant sector, as well as the strategic ratios for the management of catering establishments.

  •  Develop and implement effective marketing strategies and campaigns in offline and online environments.

  •  Manage adequately the online reputation of hotel establishments and protocols of action in opinion web platforms.

  •  Organize and promote effective management processes in HR and management control

  •  Foster the development of competencies for the exercise of the functions involved in managing and directing people.

  •  Provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and skills needed to achieve effective optimization of suppliers, customers and staff.

Addressed to

  •  Restoration professionals in active and / or future entrepreneurs.

  •  Owners, managers and middle managers in the hospitality industry.

  •  Cooks, who want to specialize as an executive chef.

  •  Persons who manage or are going to set up restoration companies.

  •  Responsible and / or heads of F & B hotel department.

  •  Trained professionals  who want to improve their skills in the field.

  •  People without university degree * and with professional experience related to the hotel and restaurant industry.

* To study the Master without university studies you must consult with us.


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