Master Executive Chef Programs

The short courses are specially designed to suit the needs of a professional (e.g Head Chef of a Restaurant or a Hotel ), looking to expand their culinary horizons.

Duration of the course: 100 hours, stretched inside 1 month 

Minimum participants required: 8 people 

Language availability: English, Spanish, Chinese

Start date: Beginning of every month

  • Master Executive Chef in Spanish Cuisine 

Paellas, sweet, fish, vegetables, mixed, where the main protagonist is our star product, rice.

  • Master Executive Chef in Italian Cuisine

Traditional recipes made with fresh pasta will no longer have secrets for you.

  • Master Executive Chef in French Cuisine

Discover all the secrets in the elaboration of the traditional dishes of the kitchen with more fame worldwide.

  • Master Executive Chef in Mediterranean pastry and Cuisine

The Diploma in Restaurant Pastry and Pastry Selection is the training that a chef needs to specialize in restaurant bakery, a specialty that requires highly qualified professionals. A curriculum that integrates the knowledge of the ingredients and the understanding of the processes and the techniques of pastry, from the traditional to the vanguard.

  • Master Executive Chef in Cutting Edge culinary techniques and fusion Cuisine

A course designed to introduce you to the concepts of creativity and innovation and to master the culinary techniques of the avant-garde: knowledge of physical-chemical processes, machinery, utensils and new products, will be a constant in the course content. 60 hours of central European cuisine

  • Master Executive Chef in North African Cuisine

Discover all the secrets and traditional elaborations of the different areas of Africa

  • Master Executive Chef in Asian Cuisine

Discover all the secrets and traditional elaborations of the different areas of Asia