The diploma that we present will allow students to enter the world of cooking and the western professional bakery. The aim is to broaden their knowledge in Culinary techniques and improve Western culinary techniques.

We will also dive into the latest kitchen management techniques (preparation of Raw materials, plating and decoration, buffets assembly, cooking methods, design of menus and preparation of letters, etc.)

From the first day, the assimilation of the concepts that are explained in classes are going to be reinforced by practice lessons in the kitchen. In them, the students work in depth by learning different cooking methods and the preparation of certain foods. During the course of the education, the development and the techniques are going to get more complicated. The training will be complemented with other necessary concepts required for the conservation and knowledge of the products, as well as for the understanding of the current cuisine and its history. 

*The school will provide a complete set of kitchen equipment (knives, jacket, trousers, hat, and special clogs).

COURSE STARTS: 8th of January  2017 to 15th of April 2018;

Schedule: from Monday to Friday, on a split schedule;

Participants: 10 people required to start each course;

Total hours of the course: 360 of training and approximately 960 of practice.




360 hours of culinary training.


40 hours: Oenology - UPV

25 hours: Meat-fish and poultry products - UPV

60 hours of Spanish Cuisine

60 hours of French cuisine

60 hours of Italian cuisine

120 hours of Plastering and Decoration techniques


60 hours of Mediterranean pastry and cookery


60 hours of Spanish Cuisine

60 hours of French cuisine

60 hours of Italian cuisine

60 hours of Mediterranean pastry and cookery

120 hours of Plastering and decoration techniques


As one of the most important parts of your education, the school offers two kinds of internships-Silver and Golden

  • Silver Internship - Located in one of the big cities in Spain, luxury hotels that offer gratification (some hotels do not offer gratification, depending on your professional profile) , but accommodation is not provided.
  • Golden Internship- Located in the most famous touristic cities, hotels that offer gratification and free accommodation for the students.

The duration is between 5 and 6 months: approximately 960 hours of professional internships in recognized, prestigious, Hotels and Resorts of the whole Mediterranean Coast, Canary Islands or Islands Balearics. You will receive an internship depending on your practical skills, language skills and CV.


Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a diploma from I.H.M.G.S as well as a professional certificate from the prestigious  UPV-Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia for his/her accomplishments. The final certificate and diploma are issued and approved by both  I.H.M.G.S-International Hospitality Management & Gastronomy School and the high-ranking UPV-Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia in the fields of food technology and Spanish Gastronomic Language.