International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School cooperates with more than 300 hotels and resorts all over Spain, thus students have an opportunity to have internship in one of those, in the fields of bar, kitchen, restaurant, public relations, reception and animation. In our school it's compulsory to complete an internship on a good level, in order to get your diploma. An internship, which takes last six months after you finish your education, will be provided by the School. It is not permitted to have an internship with a hotel that is not our partner. In order to have an internship with a hotel, it is necessary for the hotel to be or become our partner. 

As one of the most important parts of your education, the school offers two kinds of internships-Silver and Golden:

  • Silver Internship - Located in one of the big cities in Spain, luxury hotels that offer gratification (some hotels do not offer gratification, depending on your professional profile) , but accommodation is not provided.
  • Golden Internship - Located in the most famous touristic cities, hotels that offer gratification and free accommodation for the students.

The duration is between 4 and 6 months: approximately 800 to 960 hours of professional internships in recognized, prestigious, Hotels and Resorts of the whole Mediterranean Coast, Canary Islands or Islands Balearics. You will receive an internship depending on your practical skills, language skills and CV.

International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School has also set up the rules which students have to follow, in order to get an internship: results of final exams, punctuality during the studying process (being in time for the lectures, following the timetable and dates) and good mid-term results.  

Food & Beverage 

The main duties are in this field are connected with serving customers with their preferences. Bartenders will be responsible to prepare and serve drinks to customers, to be able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations. You will acquire high professional skills of bartender. Bartenders should maintain positive guest interactions while accurately mixing and serving beverages to guests and servers in a friendly and efficient manner.


Your main duties on the kitchen are: prepare and cook food according to recipes, quality standards, and food preparation checklist. You have to be able to be multitasking and handle the pressure in this working environment.  

Public Relations

You should be able to coordinate internal activities (keeping photos, releases and other materials on file for publicity, maintaining the PR calendar and keeping everyone in the department advised of meetings and activities), handle external matters (distributing press releases, event invitations or requested photos, brochures or other materials is a responsibility of the public relations coordinator), maintain media relationships (the coordinator makes sure the media list is up-to-date, as people move around quickly in such jobs. In addition, the coordinator regularly pitches story ideas to them to keep the hotel in the news, arranges press interviews and responds to requests from the press) and assist with special events (the coordinator may be asked to help with arrangements, inviting guests and announcing it to the media through press releases).


You will have clients from all over the world, mainly serving them for check-ins and check-outs. In case they need any information or face some problems, you will have to assist them and give some advice.


The main required skills for this internship are to be friendly, energetic, outgoing and confident; to be able to adapt your act to suit your audience. The job basically includes entertaining people of all age groups in the hotel & resort area, which implies organizing events, activities and different kind of games.