As a new school, International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School is ready to accept partnerships from all over the world. Even though our current partners are amongst the leaders in the industry in their respective countries, we think that more contacts and connections can benefit from our school, our current partners and our future partners.

Double-Degree Program with Your University or School

International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School, which is a private educational organization, operates on international level, getting students from different countries and cooperating with universities and schools from around the world. Connecting networks are an important part of the international reach of our school. Therefore, our strategy is to increase the internationality and raise the profile and brand of both sides – our school and your university/school.

Double-Degree Program allows students from your studying organization to get a Double Diploma with International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School. Therefore, the students have an excellent opportunity to double their knowledge, experience and internationality by studying in a foreign country.

Conducting a partnership between two educational organizations is a strong strategy to increase the brand image of both sides. 

Become an Official Representative of our School in Your Country

International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School has official representatives in 9 countries and we are willing to make more connections from all over the world. We welcome any proposals for joint research and development projects, in order to increase the internationality of our educational organization.

Official Representative is in charge of presenting the brand and name of our school in its foreign country, helping students to enter to IHMGS with all the application and visa matters. 

Benefits of becoming a partner:

With new partners, come new connections and opportunities. Furthermore, we already have a large number of partners from China, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Mexico and other countries from all around the world. With this in mind, new cooperators have the opportunity to develop new international connections.

Contact our international coordinator to get more information:

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