During the educational program you have chosen, there will be many opportunities for you. Since international experience is one of the strong points in your education, with the Long Weekend Experience, you will be given the opportunity to have even more cultural diversity.

The main reason for the Long Weekend Experience program to exist in our school is because we understand young minds. Studies aside, exploration and new adventures are like an itch, most people try to scratch away with traveling. While participating in the studies, you will start to understand what it’s like to be in an international environment. However, with the Long Weekend Experience, we give you the opportunity and time to travel even more. Meaning that every once in a while, there will be an extra day off the study program, so you can partake in exploring the world.

The extra free day will be either before or after the weekend and the classes will be scheduled in different days during the same or next week.  

Cullera, located only an hour and a half away from the airport, gives great opportunity to travel light and in short durations. As a recommendation we give Paris, Rome, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam and Vienna but there are many more beautiful capitals and cities to visit around Europe.