With the start of the international programs in I.H.M.G.S, we will be bringing a big difference in students’ lives with the cultural environment. The positive influence that will come of this, is going to help the students to expand their horizons in every direction. We want our students to open out their personalities, in order to be high professional in the business world. Communicational skills, positive minds and multitasking capability are essentials in the working environment and we guarantee our students to acquire those skills. 


Since the school is new, we are eager to start out with young, motivated and enthusiastic people. With our culinary programs in various European cuisines such as Spanish, French and Italian, we hope to bring together people from different cultures and ethnicities. It will not only be a learning experience for them, but for us as well.


With the culturally accommodating experience provided, our students will be more acceptant of other peoples’ desires and habits regarding cultural differences. Thus, providing more convenience in international environments, that leads to better working conditions.