Our school specializes on Gastronomy and Hospitality Management on a high professional level. We offer our students a lot of opportunities to gain unique experience and show its worth in a specific field. International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School is located in the city of Cullera which is a province of Valencia. The location gives students unique chance to travel a lot because it´s close and well-connected to the main destinations of Spain – Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville and Ibiza. Traveling is one of the best things in life and when you work in international environment, it is very important to have this kind of experience. Usually, studying process doesn’t really give spare time to discover the worlds - but life in Cullera does. Our students have an opportunity to spend weekend in each of the aforementioned places they want, having a great time with less money.

Internships Opportunity

In our school we guarantee our students an internship in study related fields: bar, restaurant, kitchen or reception. We have cooperation with 300 best hotels in Spain, so that we ensure our students have a strong basis of the subject they study and they can apply it in practice. Internship as working experience opens the door to further find a job after graduation; it also gives students confidence in working environment, so that they know what they actually do, it makes them already professionals before the graduation.

High Level of Education 

International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School provides students with programs which are taught by professionals with a huge experience behind their backs. All of our teachers have a great international background. Our school cooperates with UPV-Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia. The final certificate and diploma are issued and approved by both  I.H.M.G.S - International Hospitality Management & Gastronomy School and the high-ranking UPV-Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia in the fields of food technology and Spanish Gastronomic Language.

Two Languages Programs

Our School provides all of its programs on two languages - English and Spanish (if the requirement of B2 language level is met), so the student is able to choose on which language he or she will study. The groups will be arranged depending on the language of study. 

Getting Practical Knowledge

At International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School we highlight the ibecome relevant when you start working in your chosen field.mportance of being able to apply the acquired knowledge into the practical part. Practical training helps you to get specific techniques that will be essential in the working environment.

Career Prospects Worldwide

After graduating from International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School, students have an advantage of getting a job worldwide by having valuable background. Besides strong basis of learning part and acquired skills, they get a working experience which is required in most of the companies and organizations.

International Environment

International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School welcomes students from all over the world, encouraging them to engage with other world cultures. It helps them to further be well-prepared to work with different nationalities and behaviors, to get excellent communication skills and being able to present variety of countries in their aspect of work. It´s an experience which is unique because it´s completely different from just reading a book – you become a professional by knowing the things from your own perspective and background.

Spanish Language

Spanish language is the third important and popular languages spoken (approximately more than 427 million are native speakers). Almost in each field of business it’s useful to know Spanish. In Cullera School we will teach all of our students to speak Spanish language on a high level. Being able to speak more than one language is very important for anyone with ambition; it allows you to carry out any international business. In our school we provide Spanish language lessons for all of our students, so that they can start speaking it freely.