Where is the school located?

The school is located in Cullera, a province of Valencia, and about an hour away by train.

How to get to Cullera?

If you land in Valencia, we will provide free transfer to your accommodation. However, if you land somewhere else in Spain, you can catch a train or a bus from the city you land in. You can also use Shuttledirect, which is a transportation service from the airport to your chosen destination. For more information, please call us and we will gladly assist.

What are the term dates and other key dates?

On the Price page, we provide the information regarding the starting dates and duration of each course. In Programs page students can find more extended information about the course key structure. 

Do I need language certification in order to enter the school?

IHMGS doesn´t require language certification as an obligatory 

Does I.H.M.G.S offer accommodation?

Yes. As the school is a part of a hotel, the accommodation is in the hotel where the school is.

Will I have an internet connection during my stay there?

Yes, you will have free wi-fi on the whole territory of campus and school.

Does the school have any sports facilities?

There is a gym on the campus, with a big variety of facilities for all of our students. The costs for sports facilities are included in the price.

Are the rooms single or shared?

The rooms provided are shared by 3 people and are segregated by gender.

Can I have a single room?

Yes, it is possible, but the student must pay extra in order to have a single room. The student has to inform us that they want a single room beforehand, so we are prepared for the scenario.

What is the payment procedure?

The fees must be paid in full before starting your courses and education. The payment information will be provided once you have been accepted to study in our school.

Does IHMGS offer scholarship?

Our school provides scholarship with the discount of €2.000 for students who meet the requirements and have applied 2 month before the application starting date. For more information, visit Scholarships. 

Where can I find information for international students?

In order to obtain information about the subject of Visa and Application Requirements, please visit the page Admissions.